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Charlie Richie Jr. is the owner of Backwoods Mercantile. He is also the Associate Publisher, Special Assignments Editor, & the Advertising Director for the Backwoodsman Magazine. He has worked for the Backwoodsman for 15 years and also reviews products for the magazine. Charlie also handles all media relations for the Backwoodsman. Please check out Charlie's interview with Les Stroud featured in the March/April 2011 issue. Future articles for Charlie in 2011 & 2012 include interviews with Cody Lundin, John & Geri McPherson, an article on the history of 'Billy the Kid' and more all to be featured in upcoming issues of the Backwoodsman in 2011 & 2012.

The Backwoodsman has been contacted by a few film companies to possibly do a behind-the-scenes operations type of show about the Backwoodsman.

Look here for articles, reviews and interviews written by Charlie Richie Jr. in the future.

Charlie also founded 'Earthworks Magazine' and it lasted from 1995-2000. It was one of America's first publication fully dedicated to sustainable living. Unfortunately, there are no more issues left to sale to the public.

Have questions about products, or requests for special items? Contact Charlie -

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Casting For A Show On The DIY Network

Casting For A Show On The DIY Network

I'm casting for a television show that will be on the DIY Network called "Off-The-Grid Builds". The off-the-grid builders should be at the beginning of their build or maybe starting in a couple of months. Financial compensation will be offered for appearing on the show. If interested, please email me (Charlie Richie Jr.) at

Survivorman Returns

Survivorman Returns!