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Eating On The Run

Eating On The Run

$15.00 + $5.00 s&h

Description: Survival Foraging for Plants, Grasses, Nuts, and Berries

For you, being prepared is a way of life. Your survival pantry is brimming with delicious dried and canned foodstuffs, your garden produces bumper crops of fresh vegetables year after year, and your hunting and fishy skills keep your freezer well stocked with healthy proteins. But what if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness and are unable to get home for days or weeks? Could you live off nature's bounty until you can return to civilization? Eating On The Run will equip you with a working knowledge of dozens of readily harvested plants, grasses, nuts, and berries that require the least, if any, preparation. You will learn how to distinguish safe plants from toxic varieties, which parts of the plant are edible and when, and where abundant supplies are likely to be in each season. Plus, the author shares delicious ways to enjoy the plants while on the move.