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Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat

Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat

$12.00 + $5.00 s&h

Description: M.D. Creekmore's motivation for finding a low-cost retreat was the need to live on a lot less money after he lost his job and got divorced. He started living in a travel trailer, parked on two acres he had bought a few years back to use as a campsite and bug-out location, never dreaming he would be living there full-time. But he has called his trailer home for four years and says that for the first time in his life, he is content. Living off-grid in a trailer isn't for everyone. But if you are looking for a way to own a debt-free home-enjoy the security that comes with it-then M.D. Creekmore has laid out a dirt-cheap plan for finding suitable land; providing alternative power sources; dealing with water and waste issues; maximizing your space; and establishing a workable storage system for food, water, medicine, tools, and other equipment. The good news is that the author has done the hard part for you.